Consigning Guidelines

When we accept

February 1- Begin accepting spring items

March 1- Begin accepting summer items

August 1- Start accepting fall items

September 1- Start accepting winter items

You may bring items in any time during store hours. It is not necessary to have an appointment, however, we only accept 20 items at a time.

What we accept

Upscale Resale and Consignment only accepts women's high end name brand clothing and fashion accessories that are on trend and in excellent condition without excessive wear and/or flaws. (Clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, accessories, etc.)

We also accept:

  • Small items from local artisans


We currently do not accept:

  • Men's Items

  • Children's Items

  • Household Items

  • Hard Goods of any kind

  • Furniture

  • Etc.

How to bring it in

Please be sure that all buttons, hooks and snaps are in place and secure and that zippers zip. Clothing should be freshly laundered, ironed and placed on a hanger. (No clothes in garbage bags!) Clothing must be free from spots, rips, pulls, odors, etc. Remember, the better an items looks, the faster it will sell! If items are new and have the tag, please leave the tag on.

Please do not be offended if you have items that are not accepted for consignment. Due to limited space we have to be very selective on what we accept.

Please do not bring known counterfeit items. We cannot sell them. We also do not pay for authentication of any item, so items are purchased as is.  


What to expect at drop off:

  • Only bring a maximum of 20 items per scheduled drop off time.

  • Arrive with your items freshly laundered and hung neatly.

  • Arrange items in like groups and by size; such as shirts (S-XL) in one group, bottoms (S-L or 2-22) in another group, and so on.

  • We will confirm items are properly hung and presentable. You will be given a confirmation of receipt.   Your clothing will be inspected for stains, holes, missing buttons, etc. within 48 hours. Please return within 3 days to pick up any items not accepted for consignment.  Consignor forfeits ownership of any item not picked up within the 3 day time period.  


Consigning Policies

** What merchandise will be accepted and how it will be priced is determined by the staff of Upscale Resale and Consignment.


Consignor Sign-up Fee: FREE! There is NO Consignor Sign- Up Fee

Check Payment:  Consignor receives 50% of the selling price.  The remaining 50% goes to Upscale Resale

In-Store Credit Option: Consignors who choose to receive in-store credit as opposed to payment by check receive 60% of the final selling price.

Item Processing Fee:  There will be a $1 fee per item added to the price to cover maintenance, labeling, stocking, price reduction, etc. 

Consignment Cycle: Items are kept in the store for 90 days and are subject to donation after the 90th day. Consignors wanting unsold merchandise back are responsible for pulling their own merchandise before the end of the 90 days plus a 10 day grace period, no exceptions. Consignor forfeits ownership of items not collected within the grace period. All Items are subject to discretionary markdowns during the consignment period.

Settlement: It is the full responsibility of the consignor to manage their account by checking in and settling their accounts.  After the 90-day consignment cycle, consignors have another 10 days to pick up any final payment, giving consignors a total of 100 days to receive payment from items sold. After this time, any earnings become a store credit. There is no expiration date on this store credit. Consignor payouts are available at the first of each month following the sale of the item. For example, if an item sells on April 7, a check can be picked up on May 1.

Possession of Items: We will take exceptional care of the articles you consign; however, merchandise is left at your own risk. Upscale Resale is not liable for loss of consigned articles through fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster.

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